Our Team

Fully staffed Jeffcom’s 911 operation is made possible through the work of 118 Emergency Communications Specialists and 18 Communications Supervisors. Many of our team members transitioned to Jeffcom with years of dispatching experience from the eight member agencies. Our greatest asset, our people, work every day as the first first responders to the community.

Jeffcom’s leadership staff:

  • Jeff Streeter, Executive Director  
  • Michael Brewer, Deputy Director
  • Jodi Malpass, CMCP, Law Enforcement Operations Manager
  • Vicki Pickett, ENP, Fire Operations Manager 
  • Gina Ramirez, CMCP, Call-Taking Operations Manager 
  • Gabrielle Rathfon, IPMA-HR SCP, Human Resources Manager
  • Bess Joyce, RPL, Training Manager
  • Kevin Biegert, CISSP, Information Technology Manager